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Socialization and learning is encouraged through play and basic concepts. Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of experiences such as motor activities, art and music. No child is forced to potty train, but we will be happy to assist parents in potty training. 


This program at Heaven Sent Academy focuses on the seven domains for development:
> Language

> Literacy

> Mathematical Thinking
> Scientific Thinking

> Social Studies

> The Arts
> Physical Development

With these seven domain each student should learn to trust themselves and others; learn self discipline; gain an awareness of others and the ability to feel for and with them; be spontaneous when expressing feelings; become increasingly responsible for their own behavior and safety; develop a sense of humor; form creative ideas: extend basic moving, manipulating, and communication skills and listen with heightened and prolonged attentiveness; acquire factual information and develop the capacity to conceptualize and represent ideas; have a variety of interests and resources; find pleasure in the process as well as in the product; and show the desire to try, the courage to fail and the persistence to continue their effort.



We have before-school and after-school care for children that are in grades 1-6. Though parents are responsible for reviewing all homework, we will help them work through it if they need assistance.

Summer Camp


Summer Camp program helps children ages 6 through grade 6 develop both socially and physically through organized recreational activities and positive encouragement. 

Campers gain self-confidence in a fun and caring environment that stresses creativity, initiative, teamwork and fair play. Summer camp lets kids be kids, giving them the opportunity to strengthen existing friendships and create new ones. 

Summer camp includes weekly themes, vacation Bible school, opening a world of technology, reading, arts and crafts, games and other activities related to the weekly theme. 

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